Tahiti Surfing Locations

Surf Pilgrim Surf Shop in French Polynesia has kindly outlined the locations of the best Tahiti surfing locations.


1. Teahupo’o – the best Tahiti surfing location

An adrenaline-rushed surfer will naturally crave for some heavy in addition to wild wave form to surf on, in addition to the best condition for you to find these kinds of swells was a student in the Teahupo’o in Tahiti. It is located right at the southwest corner of Tahiti Iti, the island’s smaller and dormant volcano. Its world-renowned gargantuan pangs situation at specifically what time the surf swell bends in addition to rushes along the reefs. For a surfer to successfully tame a wave at Teahupo’o, he or your sweetheart must take off beneath the lip so that you won’t be launched. According to California Surfing Magazine, this spot is clearly one of the best Tahiti surfing locations.

2. Maraa – nearly the best Tahiti surfing location

Maraa is one of the furthermost breathtaking surfing spots in Tahiti. It is an exposed reef break that is frequented by large lake. The area features turquoise blue freshwater pools, small caves, as well as the grotto that drips. The best time for you to dunes in Maraa is all through the winter season. And sometimes, it is not actually crowded, unlike other waves spots inside the area. However, you must watch out for rips, rocks, sea urchins, and more than that even sharks. Despite the sharks, this spot is obviously one of the best Tahiti surfing locations.

3. Taapuna – A great Tahiti surfing location

Round the region of Pape’ete is Taapuna. It is the ancient Tahitian tube garden and is also a or incredibly well-known destination for those who want hollow yet dredging as well as technically difficult lake to waves. It breaks for a second time a shallow coral reef, presently the same because the other dunes inside vicinity. Of course, Taapuna has surfing areas that have various difficulties, making it viable to waves only to professionals and sometimes experts. It can be quite crowded all through the weekends as it is very near to Pape’ete. Despite the crowds, this spot is obviously one of the best Tahiti surfing locations.

4. Moorea – a super Tahiti surfing location

Known to be one of the utmost an attractive and lush islands in French Polynesia, Moorea offers a very warm plus stress-free status for you to enjoy surfing. Located immediately 10 nautical miles (18.5 kilometers) away from Tahiti, you can access this majestic island easily by either ferry or plane. Besides being a top surfing destination for surfers all about the world, Moorea has a lot of internationally-renowned hotels that cater to couples, families and even locals that as you may possibly like to enjoy the elegance in addition to the wonders of the island. Nice hotels and this spot is obviously one of the best Tahiti surfing locations.

5. Orofara – a good Tahiti surfing location

Another mammoth circumstances to lake over the island of Tahiti what food was in Orofara. It is one of the surfing areas in Tahiti that has an exposed point break, making it a exceptionally consistent place to wave form. The best time to do surfing in Orofara is for the duration of the summer season where offshore winds come from the south. Furthermost of the surfing waves come from the groundswells wherein a lot of them are located while in the north northeast of the area. Of course, you must watch out for rocks in addition to sharks. More sharks!

6. Papara

Papara is one of the few beach breaks in Tahiti. It is known for its amazing since sand beach that is discovered Tahiti Nui’s southern area. It is considered one of the best places to ocean over the island because the of its gentle to moderate pangs. The ocean in the area are much presently like on usual beach breaks, so you must expect wave form between closeouts and more than that tough, difficult rides. If you are now a inexperienced in surfing or immediately someone that wants to learn some indispensable surfing lessons, then Papara as you can be the best status for you. This spot is obviously one of the best Tahiti surfing locations.

7. Tikehau

Also given the name “The Pink Sand Island”, the Left Island or Tikehau Island is often a tiny atoll that consists of several white as well as pink sand islets covered with coconut trees as well as alcoves. You will of course relax or wave form at its serene, calm and graceful waves. Its turquoise blue waters are also well-off in armed life, making the area prominent among scuba divers as well. Actually, a military researcher has said that the area has the highest fish inhabitants compared to other lagoons in French Polynesia. This spot is clearly one of the best Tahiti surfing locations.

8. Papenoo Rivermouth

Another black sand beach break in Tahiti is Papenoo Rivermouth, specifically what is located inside northern part of Tahiti Nui. The waterway at Papenoo has a constant flow, creating some perfect sandbanks, which in sequence will also fabricate hollow peaks. The perfect time for you to wave form at the Papenoo Rivermouth is for the duration of the summer season where the direction of the wind comes from the south. Surely, the area can be quite crowded at times. You must also watch out for rips and sharks as you waves.

9. Vairao

Formerly branded Matiti, Vairao is usually a quaint port the city that can be noticed for the southwestern coast of Tahiti Island. It is where the deepest bay of the island can be available, making it frequented by some of the world’s largest cruise liners. Since it is flocked by hundreds to thousands of tourists, Vairao has become a outstanding venue for you to surf, scuba dive, snorkel, as well as even fish.


10. Rangiroa

Well-known for being a native haven for various kinds of aquatic animals, Rangiroa is truly a destination for both surfers as well as ordinary tourists as well as should be a must-visit for everyone. Rangiroa features a large blue lagoon that is surrounded by several flattened islets and small sandbars. It is the largest among the Tuamato atolls and more than that is also the second-largest inside whole world. For the reason that area is frequented by schools of wild dolphins, you you could possibly also purchasing anything to swim as well as pangs with them at precisely what time you are in Rangiroa.


Tahiti Surfing Locations

Tahiti Surfing Locations